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Daniel Tenant, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

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I am Louis Fréget, a PhD Candidate in applied economics at the Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality (CEBI) of the University of Copenhagen and VIVE (The Danish National Center for Social Research).

I am part of the research team working on the project “Family Background, Early Investment Policies and Parental Investments” whose goal is to better understand the role of family background, public policies and parental investments - as well as the interplay of those factors - in the production of child human capital and health.  Aside from the economics of education and health economics, my interest also spans to political economics.


 I have held conferences on evidence-based policy and causal inference for associations (Effective Altruism France), popular science events (REC Toulouse), or companies (L'Oréal).  Those could be general-audience or more technical and targeted toward statisticians and data-scientists who are not familiar with microeconometric methods. I have held those interventions in French so far, but I would be happy to give the same talks in English. You can email me by clicking here



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